Swedish quality, durable and safe toys since 1974

Viking Toys – Plastic toys especially designed to be both fun and safe for kids exploring the world with all their senses. Our products are durable, high quality, BPA-free, phthalate free and has never contained toxins. They feature rounded corners, silent tires and rustproof steel axles. The irresistible bright colors inspire imagination and the timeless Swedish design of our toys are excellent for developing fine motor skills. In our assortment, you find cars and vehicles in different sizes, playsets, and games for children from 1-5 years.

Let your child’s play last forever and let the play start with Viking Toys.

The mightiest toy truck of them all?
A mighty toy truck with tough design and rough tires that triggers and withstand rough play
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Eco-friendly toys for a healthy environment
Ecoline combines Viking Toys timeless design of durable and non-toxic toys with an oil-free, plant-based material made from sugar canes.
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Cute Rider
ride-on toys for the youngest kids
Cute Rider is a cute ride-on toy perfect for the young rider between 1 and 5 year.
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Non-toxic recyclable plastic toys

Since our products are made for small children all of the plastic materials that we use in our toys are absolutely free of toxic substances that could harm both the environment and human beings. To this effect, we use only new, virgin raw material in our toys in order to guarantee the highest quality possible. Naturally, all of our products are also recyclable.

Plastic toys of long lasting quality

Our plastic toys are made to be played with and work in the sandpit and on the lawn as well as in the living room or on the kitchen table.

Our products must last for many hours of play and in order to allow this, the choices of materials have been crucial. The materials must be able to endure years of rough play and different weather conditions. The soft materials we have chosen neither breaks nor does it loose its color when exposed to sun, cold or rainy weather. The axles are produced from strong rustproof steel so they can endure the humid conditions and also withstand the rough play they are exposed to. The soft-rubber wheels allow our toys to keep on rolling silently for many years to come.

Viking Toys core values incorporate a timeless design and quality which should allow our toys to last a lifetime.

The Viking philosohy

From the birth of the first Viking toy more than 40 years ago until pre­sent day, safety and quality have been intrinsic elements of all Viking products.
For more than 40 years, our un­derlying philiosophy of producing safe, well-designed quality toys has emerged info what we call Viking’s five S’s.
Safe, Soft, Simple, Silent and Strong … and of course, dishwasher proof!


Show us how your child is playing with Viking Toys. How our toys stimulate their imagination, developing fine motor skills, creativity and educate your child to be a good chum and ready for life. We love to see your children´s pure joy when they play with our timeless toys. Tag your instagram photos with #vikingtoys to be featured as a friend of Vikingtoys.


Throughout the years and around the world, we have received several awards for excellent design and function.