Frequently asked questions about Viking Toys

1. What are Viking Toys made of?
Answer: All Viking Toys are manufactured from food grade materials approved under the FDA. The materials we use are high grade soft Polyethylene (PET), the same material used in environmental‐friendly plastic bags, soda bottles etc. Certain small parts and figures are made of high quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic, a material often used for the manufacture of medical devices. Polyproylene (PP) is used in certain parts requiring aslightly harder material and all our soft wheels use Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR).

2. Do Viking Toys contain phthalates?
Answer: No, Viking Toys do not contain phthalates or softeners of any other kind considered to be carcinogenic or harmful in any way. All our toys are also tested for 7 known harmful phthalates in order to comply with CPSIA and EC regulations.

3. Do Viking Toys contain Bisphenol A?
Answer: No, Viking Toys free from Bisphenol A. We use the materials PET, PP, ABS & TPR, all of which do not use Bispehol A in their polymerization.

4. Do Viking Toys meet international toy safety standards?
Answer: Yes, all Viking toys have been tested by numerous accredited test laboratories and meet all relevant parts of the European toy standard (EN‐71), the American toy standard
(ASTM), US CPSIA requirements, the Australian and New Zealand standard (AS/NZS ISO 8124)and all other known national toy safety standards. Test certificates are available on request for all products available in your country.

5. Are Viking Toys suitable for small children?
Answer: Yes, All Viking Toys have been tested and approved for children from 1 year of age and up.

6. Do Viking Toys contain lead or other heavy metals?
Answer: Lead and/or other heavy metals are either non‐detectable or well below the limits set down in the toy standards. No paint or ink containing lead is used on our products. All
our materials are also contiously tested for traces of lead, chromium in accordance with US and EC regulations.

7. How often is testing done?
Answer: Both in house and third‐party testing by accredited test labs is done continually to assure safety and continuity of production.

8. Can my child pull the wheels off a Viking Toy?
Answer: No, All wheels are tested and have been approved according to the requirements in the European and American toy safety standards that stipulate a minimum force of 90 N, which corresponds to a pulling force of 9 kilos. Generally, a force of at least 350 N is required before you can pull a wheel off of Viking toy, and it is therefore almost impossible, even for adults, to do this without the use of tools.

9. Are the colors and dyes used in Viking Toys non-toxic?
Answer: Yes, all colors, dyes and inks used in the manufacture of Viking Toys have been tested and certified as non‐toxic and are therefore completely safe for even the youngest children.

10. Where can I buy Viking Toys?
Answer: Contact your national importer whose name, telephone number and e‐mail address can be found on our home page as “Our friends” under “Contact us”. If there is no distributor in your country or if you have difficulty getting the information you require, please contact us directly and we will try to help you.

11. If I am dissatisfied or have a problem with a Viking Toy, what should I do?
Answer: We at Viking Toys are particularly interested in hearing from consumers, both satisfied and dissatisfied, in order to be able to improve our products and/or correct anyproblems which may arise, no matter how minor they may seem. If you contact us by e‐mail, phone, fax or letter and briefly explain what the problem is or why you are dissatisfied, we will be more than happy to help solve the matter. After contact with you, we will replace any item free of charge or arrange a cash refund, no questions asked.