The Viking Philosophy

5 S’s to make sure Viking Toys are SSSSSuper!

Viking Toys has been around for more than four decades and although a lot of things may have changed during that time, the very core of the Viking Toys philosophy has not. Viking Toys stands for lasting, sustainable toys and in the long run lasting, sustainable play. Safety and quality are never compromised. That was true 40 years ago and it is still true today. You probably have heard that Viking Toys’ quality strategy and philosophy easily can be summarized into the 5 S’s: safe, silent, simple, soft and strong.

Viking Toys five S´s

the core of our philosophy

Our toys are safe even for the youngest child. They have been thoroughly tested and meet all international toy safety standards. The plastic we use is an approved food-grade quality and contains no toxins or phthalates. No small parts can come loose, this all to insure safe toys for safe play.

All our products are produced in soft flexible plastic. The design is chubby, rounded and friendly with no sharp edges or anything else that can hurt the child.

We believe that a toy itself should stimulate the child’s fantasy and encourage play. Therefore, form and function are of primarily importance to us at Viking. With simple, strong lines and clear colours we want to encourage the child to take control over his/her playtime.

The soft tires on all Viking Toys allow them to run silently on all surfaces. This is important in a school environment and of course, also in your home. The soft tires also help prevent damage to both floors and furniture.

All our toys are designed to withstand children’s rough and tough play, indoors as well as outdoors. The plastic material remains the same no matter what the weather or the climate.

Now you are familiar with our philosophy with the 5 S´s. But did you know that those 5 S’s are actually embodied in Viking Toys’ very own testing patrol! The patrol consists of five highly competent vikings who each play their own unique role in making sure that all viking toys answer to Viking Toys’ high quality standards.

So, without further ado, Viking Toys prodly present to you the characters behind the 5 S’s in Viking Toys philosophy.


”Hi! Safe is not just my middle name – it’s my first name. It’s also my job and I’m really good at it. I should be, I’ve had almost 1000 years of toy safety experience here in Viking Toys Island, and my Ultimate Super Duper Toy Test is one of the safest tests in the world. I think of it this way: if I do my job well, the kids can do theirs – playing! Because playing is how you learn about the world and children are explorers. But we all know that kids not only explore with their eyes or ears, every now and then they also want to taste the world. And be sure, there are no toxifications on my watch!

Playing should be all about having fun and not needing to worry about safety. You leave the worrying to me, I promise it’s perfectly safe!”


”Hi, I’m Silent and it’s my job to make sure that your toys don’t make any needless noise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a noise police! I just happen to believe that there’s a time and place for everything. Toys that make all kinds of sqeaking, creaking, cracking noises just because they don’t know better, are simply not Viking Toys.

The secret lies in a big jar full of silence that I dip all the toys in. I order it from the library. They have the best sort of silence there! It’s full of adventures and fantasies and amazing journeys from all the stories. And that is just the kind of silence that inspires to hours and hours of magical playing. And remember: lack of sound does not mean lack of fun – merely less parents with head aches!”


”Hi everyone! My name is Simple and I have the best job in the world – making toys for children! I don’t know if you have noticed, but children kind of live in a world of their own where just about anything can be turned into something else. A puddle can be turned into an ocean, a tree house into a castle. A shoe into a ship. Within the snap of a finger they can go wherever they want and anything can happen. The only ticket they need is their fantasy and it’s my job to help the kids remember that. Toys are just tools in playing and should never take over or restrict the play with unnecessary details or complicated functions. There are so many things in life that are complicated enough, but playing should not be one of them! Playing should be simple. As simple as that!


”Hello, I’m Soft and so are my favourite things: cotton candy, kittens, pillows, snow flakes and bunny rabbits. Yes, I admit it – I’m a big softie! And that’s why I always make sure that the plastic in our toys is the softest one you could ever imagine. And the shapes of viking toys are perfectly round and smooth without sharp edges that could hurt curious little fingers. Some people say it’s better to learn things the hard way, but I wonder. I think the only lesson that is better to learn the hard way is that life has a soft side too. But what do I know, I’m just a viking with a soft spot for soft things.


”Heilar! I’m a viking and my name is Strong. Perhaps you’ve heard that a thousand years ago us vikings built sturdy ships that crossed countless oceans and rivers. We raised mighty castles, huge runestones and stone ships to celebrate our great kings. Many of them are still here today. You see, when us vikings build something, we use our hearts as well as our strength. We want the things we care about to last for generations. The same thing goes for Viking toys. If you have a favourite toy you’ll want it to last for a really, really long time, right? If it breaks, you’ll be sad. Therefore this has always been my motto: It’s better to build strong toys than having to repair broken hearts. And that’s why a toy from Viking Toys will be yours to enjoy for many, many years. Maybe even a thousand.”

Viking Toys soft plastic toys, soft so it can´t hurt anybody