Cute Racers

How cute can a racer be? Cute Racers, a toy car with influences from adrenaline racing and the adorableness of animals! Racing cars in the size of 14cm in various shapes with cute animal drivers.

1360 Cute Racer
1361 Cute Racer Carrie Carrot
1362 Cute Racer Charlie Cheese
1363 Cute Racer Benny Banana
1364 Cute Racer Diego Bone
1365 Cute Racer Barry Blueberry
1366 Cute Racer Ally Acorn
1367 Cute Racer Lisa Lingonberry
1370 Cute racer Acorn, Blueberry, Lingonberry CDU pack
1370 Cute racer CDU pack Acorn, Blueberry, Lingonberry
81360-2 Cute Racer Gift Box Duo
81360-2 Cute Racer Gift Box Duo
81361 Cute Racer Carrot Gift Box
81362 Cute Racer Cheese Gift Box
81363 Cute Racer Banana Gift Box
81364 Cute Racer Bone Gift Box
81365 Cute Racer Bluberry Gift Box
81366 Cute Racer Acorn Gift Box
81367 Cute racer Lingonberry
Carrot and carrot.jpg
Crazy banana.jpg
Cute Racer Banana in snow.jpg
Dog and Cute Rider bone.jpg
Rabbit Cheese Cute Rider
Viking Toys 170609-36.jpg
Viking Toys 170609-37.jpg
VikingToys 001.jpg