Viking City

Give your child the opportunity to create the city that never sleeps. With the toys included in Viking City, the children become city planners and architects in the play. They can build entire cities with surroundings. In Viking City children will have the freedom to fantasize and create their own world where the cars go around the big city on environmental fuels. Every toy included in our Viking City concept is made of recyclable food grade plastic that can withstand tough play. In the Viking City range you find garage in different sizes, polis stations, harbors, a castle and two Swedish cities in toy format. Stockholm Sweden's capital with all the services needed. A fire station, police station and a shop that has just everything. Torsås where Viking Toys has its headquarters is also a building and has a more rural impression with nature outside the knot.

11073 Railroad Set In Polybag
11230 Midi Truck Mixed Set
11260 Jumbo Rescue Mixed Set
11270 Jumbo Aero Mixed Set
11510 Super Truck Mixed Set
1200 Figures In CDU
1200 Figures In CDU
15500 Viking City Super Set
15501 Farm Set In Mini Bucket
15505 Viking City large set
15510 Viking City Large Road Set In Polybag
15573 Large Railroad Set In Polybag
15575 Viking City Big Farm House Set
31206 Jumbo Construction Mixed Set
41073 Large Railroad Set In 20L Bucket
41201 Animals, Figures and Trees in bucket
41610 Jumbo School Mixed Set
45510 Viking City Road Set In 20L Bucket
45512 Road Set In Cardboard Bucket
45514 Road Set In Cardboard Bucket
45518 Road & Bridge Set In Cardboard Bucket
45518 Road & Bridge Set In Cardboard Bucket
45540 Bucket House
45540 Bucket House Box
45541 Bucket House In Large Box
45573 Railway Set In Cardboard Bucket
5000 Viking City Garage With Harbor
50021 Harbour set
50022 Village set
50023 Garage small
5010 Viking City Garage With Harbor
50110 Railway station
5050 Viking City Casle With Moat
50522 Viking City Castle in Polybag
5502 Viking City 2 Story Garage
5510 Viking City Road Set In Polybag
5531 Animals
5556 Viking City Garage
5556 Viking City Garage
5561 Viking City Police Station
5568 Viking City Safari Camp
5575 Viking City Farm Set
5580 Viking City Stockholm
5585 Viking City Torsås
81177 box.jpg
81177 Train set in gift box
Animal, figures, trees and fences
Girl with road piece.jpg
Inzoom car on road set.jpg
Road set 2.jpg
Road set.jpg
Viking City 2 Story Garage gift box
Viking City Castle and Kalmar Castle