Our classic cars assembled in different buckets with mixed models. The pre-packed buckets are available in two different sizes depending on how many cars and models are requested. Our buckets are really good storage for the toy cars. They are stackable and durable and save space. Mini Chubbies are absolute free from toxic substances and recyclable. By playing with our toys in soft durable plastic, the children develop their fine motor skills in a playful way, which contributes to better coordination, dexterity, and understanding of cause and effect. Our toy cars different models, shapes and colors help to develop the children's cognitive ability, and then mainly develop the sorting, counting and shape recognition skills of the children. The different models could be use both indoor and outdoor. They are dishwasher safe.

41026 Mini Chubbies bucket set
41052 Chubbies Bucket Set
41060 Maxi Bulk Set
41110 Mini Chubbies Bucket Set
41111 Mini Chubbies Bucket Set
41120 label
41120 Mini Chubbies Bucket Set
41120 Mini Chubbies Bucket Set
41123 Bucket Set
41136 Mini Chubbies
41140 Chubbies Bucket Set
41170 Cute Cars bucket set
41170 Cute Cars bucket set
41192 Boat bucket set
41490 Mini Chubbies Bucket Set
41530 Mini Chubbies Bucket Set
41560 Maxi Vehicles Bucket Set
41580 Maxi & Chubbies Mixed Bucket Set
41590 label.jpg
41590 Mixed Assortment Bucket Set
41590 Mixed Assortment Bucket Set
41610 Jumbo School Mixed Set
41650 Jumbo School set
41850 Mighty scool set
43061 Maxi Construction bucket set
431208 Jumbo School set Construction
43135 Construction Mini Chubbies Bucket Set
Viking Toys 170609-12.jpg
Viking Toys 170609-14.jpg
Viking Toys 170609-16.jpg
Viking Toys 170609-18.jpg
Viking Toys 170609-24.JPG
Viking Toys 170609-25.JPG
Viking Toys 170609-40.jpg
Viking Toys 170609-40.jpg
Viking Toys 170609-41.jpg
Viking Toys 170609-42.jpg