Lifestyle Pictures

Get inspired! Find out from our life style pictures how Viking Toys can help to support your child's development through the power of imagination and play.

1. Children learn through their play
1190, 1191, 1192 boat train Tugboat, Sailboat, Fishing boat
1259 Jumbo horse Transport in its real environment
1268 Jumbo Safari Truck with girl
1268 Jumbo Safari Truck with girl
1268 Jumbo Safari Truck with girl
1268 Jumbo Safari Truck with twin girls
1268 Jumbo Safari Truck with twin girls
1268 Jumbo Safari Truck with twin girls
15575 Girl playing
5502 Garage stair
5575 deatail
A child play
A toy garage should hold for a child playing
Acrobatic flight
Advanced parking
Anilams included in play set Torsås
Best friends and water play
Best friends and Viking Toys harbor
Boat and boat with logo.jpg
Boat inlcluded in the castle
Boy and bucket house play
Boy and garage play
Boy and girl play with bucket house
Boy and Mini Chubbies in snow
Boy and Viking City Garage
Boy and Viking Toys maxi cars
Boy and yellow turtle
Boy lifting up the bucket house hiding toys
Boy parking cars in the garage
Boy with harbor garage
Bucket House
Bucket house play
Bucket house play
Bucket house play
Bucket house play
Bucket house play
Bucket house play
Bucket play
Bucket play
Bucket play
Bucket play
Building an entire city
Building up Torsås in play
Building Viking City
Buzy Bees awake while girl rest
Buzy with the bee
Cars included
Children and truck meeting
Children building a road in play
Children in sand pit playing with Maxi Cars from Viking Toys
Children play with turtles
Children playing architects and build a future city
Children playing outside with harbour garage
Children playing with harbour
Children playing with jumbo vehicles
Children playing with play set Stockholm
Children playing with Viking Toys Jumbo vehicles
Children playing with Viking Toys maxi cars
Children, copters and plane
Children, smiling in the play with Jumbos
Children, toys and smiles
Chubbie in the sand
Chubbies talking about the 5 S's
Classic Viking Toys cars in a slide
Cleaning the floor from toy cars
Climbing a toy garage
Come walk with me
Construction play with my friend
Copter on a mission
Corious children playing with water
Could you eat a Cute Racer Carot?
Could you eat Cute Racer Banana?
Cute Car Bear, Maxi Tipper Truck and a Tractor
Cute cars
Cute Cars make you happy
Cute girl and Cute Cars
Cute Racer
Cute racer Banana & Cute Racer Bone
Cute Racer Bone trying to escape
Cute Rider Bear(1).jpg
Cute Rider Leopard(2).jpg
Cute Rider nominated to Toy of the year Sweden Infant Category 2018
Dishwasher Proof - Toys in the Dishwasher
Do you think I'm flipping the frog in the bucket?
Driving to the shop in the play
Easier to just put the frog in the bucket
Eating Cute Cars
Eating Cute Cars
Ecoline Boat in the Ocean
Ecoline Boats in the Ocean
Ecoline boats.jpg
Ecoline Chubbies Collecting Stones
Ecoline Midi Fire Truck
Ecoline Midi Tipper Truck - Summer Pictures
Environmental friendly cars in happy colors
Farm house details
Farm house set a educational toy
farm life
Finger puppies
Fixing the last details of Torsas
Flipping frogs with my friends
Flipping police man
Fly high
Flying car on shop in Viking City Stockholm
Flying for the first time
Focused playtime with harbour
Friendship and laughter by Viking Toys
Frog game
Frog game play
Full focus in the sand
Full focus on toy train
Full focus! Cute Racer adventures race
Full play with our garage
Garage actions
Garage for play
Garage signs
Get the job done in the sand
Girl and boy and their police station
Girl and boy playing with toy casle
Girl and bucket house play
Girl and Buzy Bees
Girl and Jumbo toy vehicles
Girl and turtles all three colors
Girl at the beach
Girl balancing Mini Chubbies
Girl balancing Mini Chubbies
Girl by the ocean and a toy boat
Girl Cute Rider Cat.jpg
Girl play with turtles
Girl playing visiting Stockholm
Girl playing with ambulance
Girl playing with cement truck
Girl playing with Meg & Max
Girl playing with police station
Girl playing with the garage
Girl playing with Viking City Police Station
Girl playing with Viking Toys Maxi cars
Girl pull turtles
Girl pull turtles
Girl sitting on a toy garage
Girl sliding Viking Toys
Girl tasting Chubbie yellow copter no logo.jpg
Girl with animal transport
Girls having fun in Stockholm playing
Girls loves our toy cars
Girls playing frog game
Girls racing with Cute Rider.jpg
Girls racing with Jumbo toy cars
Go for a flight over Viking City
Godzilla - no a brave girl
Happy play at the farm
Happy play with Viking Toys
Happy sandbox play
Helicopter lifting a car in play
Hello toy train
Hey Boy, how many cute racers?
Hey look at Viking Toys plastic Maxi car
High up in the sky
Hmm, what toy car should i choose?
Hours of play with Viking Toys castle
Hours of play with Viking Toys castle
Hours of play with Viking Toys castle
How to play frog game
Huge and play
I got the thief, lets take him to prison
I got you!
I help you to pour out the water from the boat
Imagination And Playfulness
IMG_4515 (5).jpg
In play a child could be a giant
In the grass playing with my toys and friends
Instruction in play
Jumbo Ferry Boat in harbour
Jumbo Ferry with wheels under
Jumbo Horse Transport on the way to the farm
Jumbo Safari Truck - Winter Pictures
Jumbo vehicles and children
Kids playing with road set
Landing on the garage
Learning from each other
Loding Jumbo Tipper Truck
Long lasting sandbox play
Look a Cute Racer Banana toy car
Look a toy castle
Look at my new toy truck
Look here what my to car can drive
Look, my Cute Racer can fly
Making the toy car clean
Man meat horse
Me and my toy train
Meeting the horse by Viking Toys
Meg and Max and a girl playing
Midi Tractor on the way to the farm
Mighty Digger Truck - Kalmar Castle
Mighty Digger Truck - Kalmar Castle
Mighty Digger Truck - Kalmar Castle
Mighty Digger Truck - playful editing
Mighty Digger Truck Autumn
Mighty Fire Truck - Kalmar Caste
Mighty Fire Truck - Kalmar Caste
Mighty Fire Truck Autumn
Mighty Garbage Truck - playful editing
Mighty Tipper Truck - Kalmar Castle
Mighty Tipper Truck Autumn
Move turtle move - Girl playing
My bucket house world is ready for play
My casle is safe
My friend and all toys
My safe and colorful toy tractor
Next stop my children room
One figure for the ambulance and one for the train
One stop shop by Viking Toys
Out door play with my sorting box truck
Outdoor play in the grass
Outside playing with Viking toys and friends
Parking cars in the toy garage
Parking in the play city
Parking my eco-friendly car
Parking the toy car in the garage
Pig, horse, cow
Pig, horse, cow by Viking Toys
Pirat ship at beach
Pirate and his ship
Pirate ship and Noah's ark
Pirate Ship from Viking Toys
Play and hug
Play over stock and stone
Playing frog game
Playing frog game with a smile
Playing frog game with focus
Playing hide and seek behind the toy farm
Playing in sandbox
Playing in the sand box with his best toy car
Playing in Viking City
Playing outside with Viking toys
Playing outside with Viking Toys harbor
Playing with a smile
Playing with copter toy
Playing with green and pink turtle
Playing with the farm
Playing with turtle
Playing with Viking City Super Set
Playing with Viking garage
Police station with every opportunity
Pouring water
Pree school play by Viking Toys
Pree school play with harbour
Prepare for play with the Viking Toys castle
Preschool play outside with harbour
Preschool playtime with harbour
Princess and panda.jpg
Race and smile with Viking Toys
Race with Super Jumbo
Racing with a smile
Ready for a summer adventure by Viking Toys
Ready for take off
Ready for take off, me and my Viking Toy plane
Ready, steady, play
Recycle toy car with love
Recycle with Vikin Toys
Recycle with Viking Toys sustainable toys
Relax and play
Renovating the police station
Resque in snow at safari camp
Road signs
Sliding cars
Solving the problem together
Surrounded by Cute Racers
Sustainable toys and outdoor play
Sustainable toys for sustainable play
Swedish autumn play
Swedish fika by Viking Toys
Swedish girl on Cute Rider Cat 2.jpg
Taking my tractor and animals out for adventures
Taking the tractor to the farm
Team work
Team work by Viking Toys
Team work in the garage
Team work in the play
Team work in the sand box
Team work in the sand box
Team work in the sand box
Team work in the sand box
The art of finding a parking lot in style
The best play is with friends and quality toys
The sky is the limit with Viking Toys
The sky is the limit with Viking Toys
This big playset is so funny to play with
This toy car taste good
Time travelling to a casle in Sweden
Together with Viking Toys and friends
Torsås by Viking Toys
Torsås soon to be ready
Tower of the castle
Toy garage play. See you coming
Toy plane vs. Toy car
Toy train out in the world
Tractor and Cute Car Frog
Tractor filling the tipper in play
Tractor in sandpit
Tractor up the tree
Tractor work in sand
Turtles in action
Two girls playing in Viking City
Waiting in the sun to be played with
Water play by girl and boys
Water play outside with harbor garage toy
Water play with harbor
Welcome to my bucket house world
What should we have for dinner?
Viking City Casle with moat is hours of play
Viking City play
Viking Toys 170609-14.jpg
Viking Toys 170609-22.jpg
Viking Toys autumn play
Viking Toys autumn play with a smile
Viking Toys from Mini Chubbies to Super Jumbo
Viking Toys garage
Viking Toys jumbo in snow
Viking Toys learn children to care about the environment
Viking Toys playful one story garage
Viking Toys vehicles in a slider
viking toys vinter.jpg
viking toys vinter.jpg
viking toys vinter.jpg
VikingCity Stockholm and children playing
Vikingtoys lekbilder 014.jpg
Vikingtoys lekbilder 017.jpg
Winning in the frog game
Visitors at the casle
Working hard in the sand