Mini Chubbies

Toxin free toy vehicles with smooth shapes and timeless design. 7 cm long and perfect for toddlers and their little hands. The inviting clear colors together with its simplicity adds educational play value and fosters creativity. All that's needed for a safe and fun playtime. Mini Chubbies are absolute free from toxic substances and recyclable. By playing with Mini Chubbies in soft durable plastic, the children develop their fine motor skills in a playful way, which contributes to better coordination, dexterity, and understanding of cause and effect. Our toy cars different models, shapes and colors help to develop the children's cognitive ability, and then mainly develop the sorting, counting and shape recognition skills of the children. The different models of Mini Chubbies could be use both indoor and outdoor. They are dishwasher safe.

1020 Lite Chubbies - Original Colors
1026 Petit Chubbies - Fun Colors
1100 Racing Cars Mini - without print
1111 Mini Chubbies
1112 Racing Cars Mini
1112 Racing Cars Mini
1114 Mini Chubbies Planes
1114 Mini Chubbies Planes
1115 Mini Chubbies
1118 Mini Chubbies Planes
1129 Mini Chubbies
1130 Mini Chubbies Street Cars
1131 Mini Chubbies Rescue
1136 Mini Chubbies Baby
1173 Mini Train Set
1175 just the train
42110 Cardboard Bucket Set
42110 Cardboard Bucket Set
81119 Mini Chubbies Clear Box
81119 models in the clear box
81129 Mini Chubbies Baby Clear Box
81135 Mini Chubbies Work Clear Box
81135 Mini Chubbies Work Clear Box
81173 Mini Chubbies Train Set Clear Box
81173 Mini Chubbies Train Set Clear Box
81175 Mini Train set in gift box
Boy and Mini Chubbies in snow
Boy in snow
Mini Chubbies Baby CDU
Viking goes to Mount Blanc.jpg